Discover the interconnections of architecture.

Architecture is moving, architecture is progressing, architecture is dancing, architecture is feeling.
The ‘Performance Architecture School’ is an exciting learning journey which combines architecture art, cinematography and performance . Their aim is to inspire, broaden and challenge the possibilities of spatial representation and design. The participants are invited to work on ways of designing that use the body as an instrument of thinking, sensing, drawing and sculpting space. The ‘Performance Architecture School’ is designed to give an alternative, critical view to the study, use and production of space on both urban and architectural scales.

Architecture, a dynamic discipline
Architecture has for long been considered a static discipline. The course focuses on applying the toolbox of performance in architectural thinking, to the production of spatial actions and bodily geometries in space. This is an incredible opportunity for the participants who want to learn new skills, emerge to an urban cultural landscape, be part of an interdisciplinary and international team, and diversify their project portfolios. Whether applying for University or for work, this alternative angle will help you stand out. The course offers an unconventional introduction to architecture under a performative approach in time and space.

Play with the city; be curious, be caring, be resourceful
Whether online or physically we invite the participants to consider their location as a resource. The city is a terrain for action and inspiration. We observe, sense and re-imagine the possibilities of our environment and act upon them in a creative and dynamic way. The urban space is a complex amalgam of culture, politics, commercial powers and constant social interactions; it is the collision of history and the present, the expression of all things human, the diversion from nature with the problems this entails. We think and discuss about our complicated surroundings bringing focus to our human nature and our physical meeting with space. We learn from the city and stay aware of its public role. One of the main purposes of this course is claiming the public space creating a set of visionary actions.

As an international course, we aim to create a world map that will stand as a palimpsest of creative works / performance architecture acupunctures.

Who is it for?
We aim to create an interdisciplinary group and approach in understanding space. Our participants come from a variety of disciplines including dance, architecture, visual arts, performance art, acting, cinema, moving image, dramaturgy, game design, photography, graphic design, interior design and literature.

The course will be taught in English.