The Athens school takes place in the summer. It runs daily, during 5 days in a week. Participants are expected to produce work individually and in collaboration.

The rich cultural, social and political background of Athens and the history of performance of the city provides endless inspiration, ground for study and opportunities for creativity. The museums, archaeological spaces, art institutions, avant garde groups and vibrant public spaces form a key part of the school's programme and inform the learning experience. Participants will benefit by creating works that truly engage with the complex and rich city resources combining both intelligence and inter-disciplinary thinking.

At the end of the course  the participants set up a public exhibition of their individual projects and present to the class and to external Critics. This helps the participants to understand the outcome of their experience during the course and identify ways of developing and enhancing their personal practice.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic current global legislations are constantly changing. We will be updating our website about upcoming dates for the Athens School when this will seem possible. Please visit our  website or subscribe to our newsletter for any updates.