Building your portfolio
The participants will be benefited in building or improving their portfolio and their body of work. Upon completion of the course the  participants will have produced exciting and fresh performance architecture works presented together in a form of a complete portfolio  highlighting a strong and unique interdisciplinary thinking.

Learn new skills and avant-garde design methods
The participants will enrich their design vocabulary with new gestures and methods, will gain an out of the box understanding of the relationship between body and space and learn how to practically use this relationship in order to develop creative projects.

Learn how to curate and present your work
Outcomes and research materials produced within the course will be presented at the end of the course.  Through project reviews and project presentation participants will form a critical stance to their personal and their group work, and critically review the effectiveness and appropriateness of their chosen performative methods and results. The participants will learn how to have a critical and contextual awareness of different perspectives and approaches within their subjects of study or work,  and how to effectively present themselves and their work to appropriate audiences.  Participants with fully completed attendance will be provided with a Certificate of Participation from the Viral Institute of Performance Architecture (VIPA).