Is there a maximum number of students?

Yes, we will be accepting only 15 students. This is in order to make sure that each one gets individual support and feedback. This is what differentiates the school from other tutorials which can be watched by an infinite number of enrolled users.

Is the school taking place in Athens?

Not for this summer due to COVID-19 restrictions. We aim to do so next summer 2021

Can I change my location for each one of the tutorials?

Yes you can. You can do the first tutorial in your house, the second on a bench in a public space and the other two on a beach. It all depends on the spaces you are allowed to  access depending on your county’s restrictions. By no means do we suggest that you trespass those restrictions as they are imposed due to serious health concerns.
The course is specifically designed so that you stay creative within the diversity of locations allowed.

Other online classes are free, why are you charging a fee?

This course is a school. You will be taught in real time and you will be allocated a personal tutor that will offer support and individual feedback on your work. This is not a recorded skills tutorial, it is a class ran by proffesionals who dedicate their time and skills on your learning.

Do I have to participate in every tutorial?

No you do not have to do all tutorials, although it is recommended. You can choose your participation dates as in each date we will be offering lectures and will be learning particular skills. Please do note that Certificates of Participation will be given only to participants who have completed the entire course duration (4 weeks). This is because we believe that you do need time and dedication to complete and present an individual project

I am still going to school/ I am younger than 18, can I participate in the school?

Yes you can but you would need to provide a signed form of consent from your parent/ guardian and get them to know about any related-to-the-course-outdoor activities you are planning to do.